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Lori Maly Fund - Application & Donations


Lori Maly earned the respect, admiration and gratitude of a generation of hockey families for her service, dedication and loyalty to the young skaters and families of Sabre Hockey. When her eldest wanted to play youth hockey, she threw herself into the sport, eventually becoming the Registrar for Sabre Hockey, a position she held for over 15 years. Lori was also the President of the Southwest Spring Hockey League. Lori was diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme, an incurable brain cancer, in May of 2008. Tough, determined and courageous throughout her ordeal, she continued her duties as Sabre Registrar. Lori lost her battle with cancer on April 7, 2010. Keeping in mind her qualities of loyalty, determination, courage and grace under extreme adversity, we are honored to announce the renaming of the Sabre Hockey Hardship Fund to the Lori Maly Fund.

The Lori Maly Fund was established to assist low income families with hockey fees.  Additionally, families that find themselves in sudden financial difficulty during the season because of an event such as job loss or death in the family may also apply for fee relief through the Lori Maly Fund.  

Click HERE for the Lori Maly Fund Application
Applications are due June 25, preceeding the season for which you are applying.
(ex. Applications will be due June 25, 2014 for the Fall 2014-2015 season.)


Applications should be mailed to:  Sabre Hockey Association, PO Box 9722, Naperville, IL 60567

 Are you interested in making a tax deductible donation to the Lori Maly Fund?  Donate online:

OR Mail your donation to:

Sabre Hockey Association
Attn:  Lori Maly Fund
P.O. Box 1893
Bolingbrook, IL  60440-1998

Is your business or corporation interesting in supporting the Lori Maly Fund?  Contact Jason Kalkman, Chairman of Corporate Donations at






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